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3pm Creative Group  |  1512 B Camden Road, Charlotte, NC 28203

big  |  300 East John Street, Suite 126, Matthews, NC 28105

Birdsong Gregory  |  715 North Church Street, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28202

Burke  |  1220 South Graham St., Charlotte, NC 28203

Concentric Marketing  |  101 West Worthington Ave. #108, Charlotte, NC 28203

Cotton & Crown  |  3100 N Davidson St # 103, Charlotte, NC 28205

Eric Mower and Associates  |  1001 Morehead Square Drive, Charlotte, NC 28203

Luquire George Andrews  |  4201 Congress Street Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28209

Mindstorm Communications  |  10316 Feld Farm Lane Ste 200, Charlotte, NC 28210

Moonlight Creative  |  930 East Blvd, Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28203

Myjive  |  1000 NC Music Factory Blvd, Suite C7, Charlotte, NC 28206

Phase 3 Marketing & Communications  |  1435 West Morehead St. Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28208

Saturday  |  2108 South Blvd., Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28203

UNION  |  421 Penman St. Suite 310, Charlotte, NC 28203

TATTOO Projects  |  508 W 5th Street, Suite 225, Charlotte, NC 28202

The Thompson Agency  |  115 E Park Ave # 114, Charlotte, NC 28203

Wray Ward  |  900 Baxter Street, Charlotte, NC 28204

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Criteria To Consider When Selecting Your Next Agency

Finding the right creative agency who understands your business, target audience, and the most effective strategy to engage your customers are all critical processes that should not be overlooked.  The impact on your marketing spend is always heavily weighted on the talent and skill sets of your chosen agency partner. 

Sorting through  thousands of creative agencies all over the world can be arduous, but if you leverage the following baseline for project RFP’s and RFQ’s, you will mitigate many of the risks associated with new agency selection.  It’s important to continually source new agency talent as there is tremendous upside to the breadth of ideas that will propel your advertising and marketing efforts. 

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1.      Business Fundamentals

a.      D&B Credit Score

b.     Time in Business

c.      External Ratings & Reviews

d.     Revenue

e.      Employee Count

2.      Core Competency

a.      Industry/Customer Expertise

b.     In-House Core-Capabilities 

c.      Advertised Results

3.      Quality of Work

a.      Referrals

b.     Market Trends

c.      Detail of Work

d.     Creative Ratings