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How it works

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Portelo helps you simplify vendor selection & management

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Choose from thousands of business service providers in hundreds of categories.

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Project Roadmap

Our guide to a great project

1. Fill out the Online Project Form

From the selected provider’s profile page, Start A Project by submitting your requirements in the online form.

2. Develop a Quote & Proposal

Your selected provider will review the project requirements and update the project with their quote or estimate. They may contact you directly for more information.

3. Collaborate on the Project

Once a quote has been accepted store all of the necessary legal documents, estimates, deliverables, completion dates, collaboration notes etc. within the project form..

4. Project Deliverables & Assets

Manage each stage of the project in collaboration with the provider by updating the Project Status, tracking deliverables and collaboration history..

5.Project Assets

Update the project to Complete, Store and Share with your team all project assets, collaboration notes and the final invoice for payment

6.Review & Reorder

Upon completion of the project, give your provider a review to ensure continuous improvement for all. Easily open the completed project at any time to reorder.

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