Our story begins over a cup of coffee and a long discussion about providers.  We were sharing stories and advice on our experience working with various service and solution providers. Now by providers, we mean those businesses that provide solutions and services for other businesses such as printing, marketing, graphic design, web development, and strategy, just to name a few.  In our past lives working in everything between startups and Fortune 50 companies, we collaborated quite a bit with these various providers.  We found that some were extremely good across the board, quite a few were pretty good but often in one area vs all of the services they advertised, and some that were just plain…well, awful.  

We found that along the way, one of our greatest challenges, was the ability to simply locate a top provider that was exceptional for the project we need fulfilled – you know - someone that produced consistent high-quality work, communicated in a timely manner, stuck to timelines and most importantly, “WOW’ed” us with the end result.   The problem is that when you’re looking for a provider, often times, its guesswork.  You either base your decision on the top search results by a Search Engine, word-of-mouth advice from others, random online reviews, a sales pitch by a rep or most likely, blind faith.  So, we figured that there had to be a better way to capture these “conversations”, improve one’s ability to find and select providers to meet their day-to-day needs, and in doing so drive the “economy” of how businesses work with providers.     

And thus a single conversation, became the start of a two-year journey to come up with an ideal solution that would simplify this entire provider selection and management process, equipping businesses with the necessary resources and information to find the right providers for their business.    Most of all, we set out to make a change… a change in how…

… Buyers and sellers are found.

… Business solutions are resourced.

… Collaboration occurs in the business community.

… Information is pooled and mission critical tools are offered for all businesses.

A solution that would be ultimately; a platform to increase awareness of amazing solution providers, improve thought leadership and business productivity and drive greater demand for all.

Our name “Portelo”, is a combination of the Greek roots “Port”, Latin for “a door or gate”, and “Telo”, Greek for “perfection” or “finality”.   At Portelo, our goal is to provide a solution that will be a gateway for business success. 

As you’ll read in our blog, we define Portelo as a community of specialists, business owners and entrepreneurs who aspire for more and look to change the way businesses resource, collaborate and grow.

Our goal is simple, our mission is big and we believe strongly that if we all work together, Portelo will be the single platform that will help millions of businesses around the world ensure the greatest chance for success. 


Contact Information:

500 Yale Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109

e. info@portelo.com | p. 425.999.0863